Consultant and Returning Officer

Co operative Group Housing Societies provides “Consultant and Returning Officer” to manage all services for Co-operative group housing societies in Delhi (NCR). We provide complete assistance to the Managing Committee of the CGHS to carry out their all the functions with ease. The Managing Committee shall be easily able to manage all as per the DCS Act, 2003 and the DCS Rules, 2007. We will ensure that RTI or grievances of the members are minimized. All dues will be recovered from defaulters in a proper manner.

Engagement of Consultant

Any co-operative group housing society can appoint us their consultant for any specific job/problem starting from just one problematic job or for entire jobs/responsibilities of the managing committee of the co-operative group housing society. “Consultant and Returning Officer” will help you to carry out all the tasks.

On-line & off-line consultants

It is totally the choice of the elected managing committee or general body of the society to engage Consultant and Returning Officer” as their On-line Consultant or off-line consultants.  

Consultant and Returning Officer

Raminder Singh Sahota
Raminder Singh Sahota
Raminder Singh Sahota

Date of birth: 12-05-1951

Qualifications: B.Com; LLB, PG Dip BM & IA; CAIIB; MICA.

E-Mail address:

Mobile, WhatsApp, Paytm: 9810065447

Mobile: 9710065447

Pensioner of Indian Navy: Served from September 1967 to May 1979

Pensioner of Reserve Bank of India: Served from September 1982 to May 2001

Practiced as Advocate: From May 2004 to September 2019

Impaneled: “Administrator by Registrar of Co-operative Societies, New Delhi

Administrator: of M/S Bairwa Bharti Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd – 1 year (conducted election)

Residence cum Office: B-404 Lovely Home CGHS Ltd, Plot-5, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075

Virtual Office: 308 Aggarwal Tower, Plot-2, Sector-5 MLU Plaza, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075

My Bank: A/C No.025001001636, IFSC Code: ICIC0000250, ICICI Bank, Dwarka branch, New Delhi.

Present engagements:

(1) CEO, Virtual Office in Delhi:

(2) CEO, GST Suvidha Kendra – Dwarka –

(3) Returning Officer to conduct free and fair election of Managing Committee

(4) Providing Consultancy and Legal services for all litigation to CGHS and Members of any CGHS.

(5) Providing free domain name, web space, web-site development and hosting to co-operative group housing societies in Delhi as web-site gift from a NGO “Disputes-Settlement-Trust” Regd. No.2959 since 01-04-2005.

Following are two samples of web sites:

(a) For Lovely Home CGHS Ltd Click here to see >>>>>

(b) For Air Force and Naval Officers CGHS Ltd Click here to see >>>>>

Independent observer for MC/AGM/SGM

Any co-operative group housing society can appoint “Consultant and Returning Officer” as their independent observer to conduct general body meeting in just Rs.5,000/- per meeting. We will provide timely advise and consultancy to manage your meetings. 

Returning Officer to conduct election

Any co-operative group housing society can appoint “Consultant and Returning Officer” as their Returning Officer to conduct fair election of the Managing Committee in just Rs.10,000/-. We will provide timely advise and conduct the election in the premises of your co-operative society. We will also make a web site for your society.

Litigation Consultant

Some of the cases are such, which can be resolved within the society and some has to be contested or fought at the appropriate legal authority, registrar, forum or court of civil or criminal nature. The “Consultant and Returning Officer” will enable you to decide, if required. The “Consultant and Returning Officer” can also act as “Arbitrator” for any dispute to provide you the quick legal solution.

Latest Act and Rules

The latest Act and Rules governing co-operative group housing societies may be download from the Govt web sites Or they can be down loaded or printed from here.

. The DCS Act, 2003 DCS_Act,_2003

. The DCS Rules, 2007 DCS_Rules_2007

Model Bye Laws of CGHS

Model Bye laws of co-operative group housing societies are available on the web site of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, New Delhi. These by laws are available on this web site for ready information of all. ModelByLawsCGHS. You may read these here or can download on your own system and refer these. Any one facing any problem in adhering to these may get in touch with the Consultant and Returning Officer”.

Free Web Site for Co-operative Group Housing Societies

Any member of any co-operative group housing society can contact “Consultant and Returning Officer” to make a FREE WEB SITE for their society. We provide standard domain name of the society followed by, as per example below. Web space is free. Web development is also free. We will provide guidance and training to your person to maintain all the record of the society on your own web site for ever and that too totally free of cost.  All documents may be uploaded / kept on the web-site in .pdf format. All photographs and videos can be uploaded on YouTube and linked to your web-site. Major Benefit of web-site is that the members can get all the information on web site of their society. The managements’ work of replying to any RTI applications becomes negligible. Condition: Standardized and authorized matters be hosted.

Orders of the DCT and RCS on Web Site

(1) RCS-Order_for_CGHS

(2) RCS & DCT Order on CGHS for web sites

RCS letter on mandatory videography

Vide letter attached the RCS has made it compulsory to viewograph all the AGM and SGM of societies CIRCULAR of RCS reg videography. In case of any difficulty in adhering to these instructions, you may take the help of the Consultant and Returning Officer”

Sample of Special General Meeting Conducted by Administrator is on the Youtube Bairwa Bharti CGHS Ltd






Important tasks of Managing Committee

of Co operative Group Housing Societies


  1. Appointment of Returning Officer and preparation for election of managing committee
  2. Amendment of Bye Laws
  3. Scrutiny of membership application & grant of membership to applicant
  4. Updation of Nomination of each member
  5. Cancellation & Issue of Share Certificate
  6. Notices & legal action for any non-compliance by members
  7. Structural audit of multistory building
  8. Appointment of Standing Counsel, Legal Adviser and Advocate


  1. Filing of Annual Return as per section 32 of the DCS Act
  2. File Audited Report, Balance Sheet & P & L Account with annexures under Sec 61
  3. Filing of the Minutes of Annual General Meeting
  4. Income Tax return
  5. AMC of lifts
  6. Lift inspection certificate to run the lift
  7. AMC of Generator
  8. Fire inspection Certificate
  9. Fire & Earthquake Building Insurance
  10. Payment of Property Tax by members
  11. Ensure all important documents are up-loaded on your web-site
  12. Appointment of Auditor


  1. TDS return
  2. Fixed Assets verification
  3. Defaulters list
  4. Cleaning of underground and rooftop water tanks


  1. Conduct of managing committee meetings (Agenda, Minutes & Actions)
  2. Preparation of budget for each month on the basis of Annual budget showing variations
  3. Presentation of monthly Income & Expenditure
  4. Prepare rectification of audit objections report
  5. Bank reconciliation report
  6. Monthly demand of maintenance and other expenses
  7. Defaulters list
  8. Tenant verification of agreements & compliance
  9. Police verification of Tenants, Maids & Casual Contractors
  10. Removal of malba, maintenance of greenery and cleanliness of common areas
  11.  Upload all signed documents on web site of the society in.pdf format.




Wishing you all the best to manage your Co-operative Group Housing Society in Delhi- NCR