Co-operative Consultant

Co-operative Consultant

The “Co-operative Consultant” provides expert services to manage all services for managing Co-operative group housing societies in Delhi (NCR). The Managing Committee will be able to carry out all the functions as per the DCS Act, 2003, the DCS Rules, 2007, and Bye-Laws of their Society. The RTI queries and grievances of the members will be minimized. All dues can be recovered from defaulters by the Managing Committee, in a proper manner.

Engagement of Consultant 

Any co-operative group housing society can appoint us their consultant for the responsibility of the managing committee of the co-operative group housing society. It is totally the choice of the elected managing committee or general body of the society to engage “Consultant” as their Consultant @Rs.20,000/- p.m. in addition to all expenses including conveyance. The Consultant has his office at 308 Aggarwal Tower, Plot No.2, Sector-5 MLU Plaza, New Delhi- 110075. It is clarified that the Consultant takes up the responsibility of advising the Managing Committee from time to time on maintaining the records of the society & will ensure that all the essential records of the Society as is mentioned at the end of this website, are updated. The record has to be shown to the Consultant as and when required by the Managing Committee at the office or residence of the consultant.

In addition, the Consultant takes up the responsibility of maintaining all accounts of the members @ of Rs.60/- per members of the Society, per month and Filing of TDS Return @ Rs.1,000/- per TDS Return. The GST shall be charged by the accounts firm. The accountant shall make two visits at a fixed time every week in the society office. All records shall remain in the office of the society.

Profile of Co-operative Consultant

Co-operative Consultant, Co-operative Consultant, Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd
Raminder Singh Sahota, Consultant

Name: Raminder Singh Sahota, B.Com; LLB; PG Dip BM & IA; CAIIB; MICA

Date of Birth: 12-05-1951 At village Deowal of Hoshiarpur District in Punjab

Pensioner of Indian Navy: Served from 16 September 1967 to 31 May 1979

Pensioner of Reserve Bank of India: Served from 8th September 1982 to 31 May 2001

Practiced as Advocate: In all courts including the Supreme Court of India from May 2004 to September 2019

Impaneled: “Administrator by Registrar of Co-operative Societies, New Delhi Click here to see the list of Empanelment+of+Administrators+in+Cooperative+Societies.

Administrator: of M/S Bairwa Bharti Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd – 1 year (conducted election)

Residence cum Office: B-404 Lovely Home CGHS Ltd, Plot-5, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075

Virtual Office: 308 Aggarwal Tower, Plot-2, Sector-5 MLU Plaza, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075

Bank A/C No.025001001636, IFSC Code: ICIC0000250, Paytm: 9810065447


Election of CGHS

New Cosmopolitan CGHS Ltd – Election of MC on 25.04.2021 – Click Here.
Change in Election Programme of New Cosmopolitan CGHS Ltd declared on 17.04.2021


Regular engagements:

(1) CEO, Virtual Office in Delhi:

(2) CEO, GST Suvidha Kendra – Dwarka –

(3) Returning Officer to conduct the free and fair election of Managing Committee of a CGHS on a reasonable fee.

(4) Providing Consultancy and Legal services for all litigation to CGHS and Members of any RWA.

(5) Providing domain name, webspace, website development, and hosting to co-operative group housing societies in Delhi as a website gift from an NGO “Disputes-Settlement-Trust” Regd. No.2959 since 01-04-2005 in Rs.5,000/- per annum . We will give you ID and Password & also provide practical training Online, whenever required.

Independent observer for MC/AGM/SGM

Any co-operative group housing society can appoint an “Observer” as their independent observer to conduct a general body meeting in just Rs.5,000/- + Conveyance per meeting. We will provide timely advice and consultancy to manage your meetings. You can consult for all the tasks to be done by the Managing Committee, from the preparation of the Agenda to the distribution of minutes of the meeting.

Returning Officer to conduct the election of any CGHS

Any co-operative group housing society can appoint a “Returning Officer” to conduct the fair election of the Managing Committee. The fee shall be Rs.21,000/– including all expenses. One person/ Manager/ Caretaker has to be assigned for co-ordination / assistance. We will provide timely advice and conduct the election on the premises of your co-operative society. We will make a standardized website page for your society for this period for maintaining transparency among the members on our website


Some of the cases are such, which can be resolved within the society and some have to be contested or fought at the appropriate legal authority, registrar, forum or court of civil or criminal nature. The “Consultant” will enable you to decide if required. The “Consultant” can also be appointed to act as “Arbitrator” for any dispute to provide you a quick legal solution. The decision of the “Arbitrator” shall be valid in all courts of India as per “the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996” and it shall be enforceable as a decree of a court.

Important Act, Rules, and Notifications

All the co-operative group housing societies are requested to abide by the following acts, rules, and orders to save themselves from any problem faced by the members. The latest Act and Rules governing co-operative group housing societies may be download from the Govt web sites Or they can be downloaded or printed from here.

The DCS Act, 2003 DCS_Act,_2003 (i) 1- The Delhi Co-operative Societies Act, 2003  (ii)  1- DCS_Act_2003 (iii)  4- 8.12.2006 DCS Act amendment

The DCS Rules, 2007 DCS_Rules_2007 2- DCS_Rules_2007 (Delhi Co-operative Group Housing Societies Rules, 2007

Model Bye-Laws of CGHS

Model Bye-laws of co-operative group housing societies are available on the website of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, New Delhi. These by-laws are available on this website for ready information of all Model By-Laws CGHS You may read these here or can download them on your own system and refer to these. These are old Bye-Laws as per DCS Act, 1972 and the DCS Rules, 1973 Model By-Laws for CGHS

Anyone facing any problem in adhering to these may get in touch with the “Consultant and Returning Officer”.

Web Site for Co-operative Group Housing Societies

Some of the websites were given as a gift to the following co-operative group housing societies


Conduct of AGM/SGM/Election on Youtube

During the period  when appointed as Administrator of Bairwa Bharti CGHS Ltd






Important Orders of RCS

0- Membership-Register for all Co-operative Group Housing Society 0-Membership-Register-for-all-CGHS

(>) 13.11.2013 RCS-Order_for_CGHS for web sites 13.11.13 – RCS-Order_for_CGHS to make web sites

(>) 22.11.2014 DHC orders Tenant to pay extra maintenance in CGHS. 22.11.14 DHC orders Tenant to pay extra maint.

(>) 09.09.2015 RCS & DCT mandatory to make websites 9.9.15 RCS & DCT mandatory to make websites

(>) 15.11.2017 RCS letter on the creation of web site (i)  15.11.17 RCS letter on the creation of web site

(>) 26.12.2019 RCS Letter on videography of AGM SGM by every society CGHS (i)   26.12.19 RCS Orders regarding videography of AGM & SGM   (ii)  26.12.19 RCS Letter on videography of AGM SGM

Orders of RCS due to COVID-19

(i)  Conduct of AGM by CGHS – RCS Order on 26-06-2020- RCS Order on MC meetings of CGHS

(ii) Completion of Audit by CGHS – RCS Order 26.6.20 RCS Order on Audit by CGHS

(iii) RCS Orders extending the date of conduct of Election in CGHS – RCS Order on 26-06-2020- RCS Order on MC Election of CGHS dated 26-06-2020

(iv) RCS Orders on granting method of conducting MC meetings of CGHS – 26-06-2020- RCS Order on MC meetings of CGHS

(v) RCS Orders on extending dates of hearing of all cases filed in RCS 26-06-2020- RCS Order on Section 70 disputes of CGHS

(vi) RCS Orders on extending dates of hearing of all cases filed in RCS under Sec -86 – RCS Order on Section 86 disputes of CGHS dated 26-06-2020 26-06-2020- RCS Order on Section 86 disputes of CGHS

Legal Advice from Co-operative Consultant

You may contact us/me on 9810065447 and send your query or dispute by email attachment. A nominal fee of Rs.1,000/– p.h. shall be payable in advance.

Important tasks of Managing Committee.

(1) Preparation of Membership Register  Membership-Register-for-CGHS


  1. Appointment of Returning Officer and preparation for the election of the managing committee
  2. Amendment of Bye-Laws
  3. Scrutiny of membership application & grant of membership to an applicant
  4. Updation of Nomination of each member
  5. Cancellation & Issue of Share Certificate
  6. Notices & legal action for any non-compliance by members
  7. Structural audit of the multistory building
  8. Appointment of Standing Counsel, Legal Adviser, and Advocate


  1. Filing of Annual Return as per section 32 of the DCS Act
  2. File Audited Report, Balance Sheet & P & L Account with annexures under Sec 61
  3. Filing of the Minutes of Annual General Meeting
  4. Income Tax return
  5. AMC of lifts
  6. Lift inspection certificate to run the lift
  7. AMC of Generator
  8. Fire inspection Certificate
  9. Fire & Earthquake Building Insurance
  10. Payment of Property Tax by members
  11. Ensure all important documents are uploaded on your web-site
  12. Appointment of Auditor


  1. TDS return
  2. Fixed Assets verification
  3. Defaulters list
  4. Cleaning of underground and rooftop water tanks


  1. Conduct of managing committee meetings (Agenda, Minutes & Actions)
  2. Preparation of budget for each month on the basis of Annual budget showing variations
  3. Presentation of Monthly Income & Expenditure
  4. Prepare rectification of audit objections report
  5. Bank reconciliation report
  6. Monthly demand of maintenance and other expenses
  7. Defaulters list
  8. Tenant verification of agreements & compliance
  9. Police verification of Tenants, Maids & Casual Contractors
  10. Removal of malba, maintenance of greenery, and cleanliness of common areas
  11.  Upload all signed documents on web site of the society in.pdf format.



Wishing you all the best to manage your Co-operative Group Housing Society in Delhi- NCR


In case of any query E-Mail:


Contact Mr. Raminder Singh Sahota 9810065447


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  1. Sir, I am the President of the CGHS in the Patparganj area. Please let us know whether you will be able to conduct the election of our society having 450 members in the premises of the Society. Our members want fair and transparent elections as per DCS Act and DCS Rules. We want to have a website for our society also. Kindly quote your fees etc. here for the information of our members.

    1. Dear Sharma ji,
      My fees will be Rs.21,000/- in addition to conveyance by Ola etc. Taxi. All expenses of printing and stationery shall be met by you.

  2. Hey there, I just found your site very suitable for quick questions.

    I found after doing a quick search – you showed up near the top of the rankings, so whatever you’re doing for SEO, looks like it’s working well.

    So here’s my question – what happens AFTER someone lands on your site? I understand, I must telephone you.

    I am just telephoning you sir.


  3. Hey. I found this website after a great search on Google for a consultant to look after the co-operative societies. I found it very interesting and being handled by a very responsible professional.
    Our CGHS is going to hold an election of the Managing Committee in the very near future. We will certainly engage you, Sir. Your video call with us very encouraging indeed. Thank you, Sir.

  4. Tapash Kumar Sharma

    Sir, we are a co-operative group housing society of approx 500 members at Rohini, New Delhi. We need your consultancy services continuously for at least one year to set right many shortcomings and problems of maintaining proper records and increasing problems of management of our CGHS at Rohini. We are ready to pay your consultancy fee @Rs.10,000/- p.m. for your valuable services. Our elected managing committee and Manager of the society along with the entire staff will be at your disposal. We are sending you the minutes of our meeting passed in SGM for appointing you along with a cheque of the society. Thanking you in anticipation.

  5. Our Society engaged you our Consultant @Rs.10,000/- p.m. for guiding us on all aspects of management of co-operative society to escalate it to be number one in Delhi. We appreciate your guidance and legal knowledge to avoid complicating the matters and disputes of our past managing committees. This comment is given in appreciation of your services.

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