New Cosmopolitan CGHS Ltd – Election of MC on 25.04.2021


of Returning Officer – Mr. Raminder Singh Sahota

New Cosmopolitan CGHS Ltd - Election of MC on 25.04.2021, New Cosmopolitan CGHS Ltd – Election of MC on 25.04.2021, Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd New Cosmopolitan CGHS Ltd - Election of MC on 25.04.2021, New Cosmopolitan CGHS Ltd – Election of MC on 25.04.2021, Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd

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14.12.2020 Intimation to RCS regarding the election of Managing Committee- 14.12.20 Intimation to_RCS

27.01.2021 Intimation of tenure extension for Adhoc Committee by society to RCS 27.01.2021 Intimation of tenure extension

27.02.2021 Appointment of RO for the conduct of election for a new term of Managing Committee 27.02.21 from Society to RO

03.03.2021 Letter of the start of the election process by RO to the society by speed post Letter D- 03.03.21 Start of the election process by Returning Officer   (1) Adhoc Committee of Society  (2) ARCS  Postal receipts to Ad hoc Committee and ARCS

13.03.2021 Submission of documents by Society as per letter dated 03.03.2021 13.03.21 Society letter to RO with enclosures


(1) 12.07.2010 – Minutes of SGM in which Managing Committee was nominated by SGM without Returning Officer 12.07.2010 Members were nominated to be MC by General Body

(2) 01.11.2015 List of elected Managing Committee by Sh. Bhupinder Singh, Returning Officer 01.11.2015 List of MC elected by Mr. Bhupinder Singh, RO

(3) 17.02.2019 List of Managing Committee elected through Raminder Singh Sahota, Returning Officer 17.02.2019 List of MC elected by Mr. Raminder Singh Sahota, RO

(4) 27.10.2020 Minutes of SGM held on 25.10.2020 in which last elected Managing Committee resigned and Ad-hoc Committee was appointed to conduct the election of new Managing Committee within a period of 3 months.  27.10.2020 Minutes of SGM for Adhoc Committee appointment

(5) 09.03.2021  – List of members of Ad-hoc Committee appointed on 28.10.2020 by SGM to conduct the election   09.03.2021 List of Ad-hoc committee

(6) 24.03.2021 Minutes of Meeting of SGM of society extending the date of Ad-hoc Committee as the term of Adhoc committee had expired and extension of the term of Ad-hoc Committee was advised by Returning Officer 24.03.2021 Minutes of SGM extending term of AdHoc Committee till 27.05.2021.

(7) 04.04.2021 Furnishing of documents as per compliance required by Returning Officer by AdHoc Committee of the Society 04.04.2021 Furnishing of documents as required by RO


(A) List of Members (67) in chronological numbers of membership placed on Main Notice Board on 21.03.2021 List of Membership

(B) List of Defaulters (20) placed on Main Notice Board on 21.03.2021 who will not be eligible to participate in the election until they clear their dues of the society. List of Defaulters of society

(C) List of members (21) who have sold their flats / expired & purchasers not given membership till date 21.03.21 List of members who sold their flats or expired

(D) List of members (21) of Managing Committees in which Audit was not completed as per Section 60(1) of the DCS Act, 2003. They all are not entitled to stand for election / not entitled to be a candidate in the present election.

From 12.07.2010 to 31.10.2015 =9

From 01.11.2015 to 28.10.2018 =7

From 17.02.2019 to 27.10.2020 =5

List of members (9+7+5=21) of MC in which Audit not completed – They are not entitled to be a candidate in the present election.

(E) Corrigendum of the List of members of the Society Corrigendum to List of Members

(F) Letter of Society in response to RO’s discussion for an additional charge for deploying person to complete the work as the caretaker/co-ordinator not able to assist the RO and spend on the cost of posting speed post letters. Letter of society dated 09-04-2021

(G) List of members of Adhoc Committee nominated by Special General Meeting held on 25.10.2020 to take over charge from Managing Committee and conduct the election of the society through appointing a Returning Officer within a period of three (3) months List of members of  Adhoc Committee appointed by SGM on 25.10.2020


Agenda dated 08/04/2021 speed posted on 09-04-2021 to all concerned and E-mailed digitally signed copy to the RCS and Adhoc committee. You may Click Here >>> 08.04.2021 Agenda to download/print/display.

Click here to read the Agenda online at your Desktop/Laptop/Notebook/Mobile



(A) Nomination Form may be downloaded by a Click Here to download Nomination Form B

(B) Form for appointment of election agent by Candidates  Click Here to download the form for Appointment of Election Agent & Counting Agent

(C) Due to imposition of Curfew by Delhi Govt. from 10 p.m. on 16.04.2021 to 5 a.m. on 19.04.2021 (on the date and time of filing of nomination i.e. Sunday the 18th April). Click Here to see the orders in detail DDMA order no 373 dated 15.04.2021, and restrictions on the movement of persons, an authorized representative of the Returning Officer will be available in the office of the society at the prescribed time, to collect the forms (A) & (B) above and security of Rs.1000 from each candidate against his signature.

(D) Due to information received from Mr. Mohit Pandey of the Adhoc Committee that, the Society office could not be kept open on 17.04.2021 and the Nomination Forms could not be distributed among the members, the entire “Election Programme” given in the Agenda Notice dated 08/04/2021 stands postponed. Fresh dates shall be announced at a notice of 7 days on the Main Notice Board and the website.



20-04-2021 Display list of contesting candidates ______

23-04-2021 Display of list of final contesting candidates ______

25-04-2021 Display Result of Election / Polling _________





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